Monday, January 5, 2009

The Book of Mormon? Just READ IT!

In my quest to "Say Yes to Happiness" in 2009, I have committed to read the Book of Mormon once through by June 1st of this year. 

How does reading the Book of Mormon fit into my theme for 2009?  Studying the Book of Mormon daily brings peace, understanding, and (ding ding ding!) lasting HAPPINESS.

If you have wondered what the Book of Mormon is all about, perhaps you would like to join with me in reading it daily this year (at least until June 1st!).  

Here are some links so you can read the Book of Mormon online and create your own personal reading schedule.

Here are a few other great reasons why you should read the Book of Mormon:
-The Book of Mormon testifies of the Savior Jesus Christ and contains His Gospel
-It is written in plain and simple words that are easy to understand
-It supports and clarifies Bible teachings
-The prophets in the Book of Mormon saw our day and wrote words of wisdom for our times and societal problems
-Great spiritual strength and power will come into our lives as we study the Book fo Mormon daily

Good luck in your personal discovery of the truths contained in this book of scripture.

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  1. My mother talks about the Book of Mormon all the time. Their church uses it (they are now called Community of Christ). She loves it.