Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Key to Eternal Family Ties: Temples

Most people believe or hope that there is some sort of existence after this life.  And most of us envision ourselves meeting up with loved ones when we pass from this life to the next.  For those people who hope to be with their family in the eternities, I have this precious truth to share:  Families are sealed together as an eternal unit in the Temples of the LDS church.  These sealing (marriage) ordinances, performed in temples all over the world, are available to all who are willing to seek after them by preparing and living according to God's commands.

I realize that this concept might be difficult to fully comprehend and will most likely require more explanation and personal exploration.  But for anyone wondering what happens inside our temples, this is one purpose of the important work we do there.

In the January 2009 Ensign Magazine, church leader Henry B. Eyring said to the members of the church, " some moment in the world to come, everyone you met in this life will know what you know now. They will know that the only way to live forever in association with our families and in the presence of our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, is to choose to enter into the gate by baptism at the hands of those with authority from God. They will know that the only way families can be together forever is to accept and keep sacred covenants offered in the temples of God on this earth. They will know that you knew. And they will remember whether you offered them what someone had offered you."

So, I am offering you what has been offered to me:  further enlightenment about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which includes the ability for families to live happily on earth and to live together in peace and happiness for Eternity.  If you would like to learn more about Eternal families, Temple covenants, and how these blessings are extended to Everyone who ever lived, just follow the links in this post.  Temples are key to a true eternal "happily ever after".


  1. isn't that gorgeous temple in san diego california. even nicer inside...i love temples...

  2. Good read...i am teaching chapter 26 of the Joseph Smith manual..."Elijah and the restoration of the sealing keys" on sunday...