Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Made it Through this Crazy Year


I'm very happy to start putting this Pandemic behind me!  And that kind of felt like it started with the last day of school!

Sometimes I guess I really am grateful for endings.  I've been excited for Scarlett however to start high school next year.  It has brought back all sorts of memories from that exciting time in my life.  I was in it to win it!  And because the last year and a half has sort of stunted lots of kids in this generation, I'm eager to jumpstart their high school time and get them all jazzed for what lies ahead....which is lots of good stuff!

In conjunction with some other moms in my hood, we did a little celebration when the kids got off the bus.  We had food, a water fight, and an old-fashioned balloon launch.

The children wrote their "summer wishes" on a tag connected to their helium balloon and all together we launched them into the sky.

And then we rounded out the last day of school with the three oldest kids getting their second Covid shot!!  We're all so grateful for that!!

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  1. It is like that for many of us, restarting beloved activities-for me RS meetings in church, poetry group, ministering visits in homes, etc.