Since leaving my job as a TV producer to become a Mother, I have enjoyed writing for various publications both online and in print.  I've even written an e-book.  This is a collection of some of my work:

Articles in the Ensign:

"Learning from General Conference as a Family," November 2015
"Teaching Gospel Standards: One Family's Experience," Ensign Magazine, September 2015
"Taming the Media," Ensign Magazine, August 2014

Contributions to

"Learning from General Conference as a Family,"  October 2014

Contributions to the Friend's Weekly Tips page:

"A Loving List," December 2013
"Conference Follow-up," October 2013
"A Piece of Conference Cake," September 2013

"C.L.E.A.N. Talk," September 2012 (Also appeared in the September 2013 Friend.)
"Modesty Matters," June 2012
"This is the Night We've Waited For," January 2012


God Gave You a Body: Teaching Children to Protect that Gift, Written by Jocelyn Christensen, Illustrated by Jessica W. Clark (available in English and German)

The Dangerous Book for Moms: Because being a Mom is fun and dangerous! (a work in progress)


"Taming the Media," Ensign Magazine, August 2014

"Fun Ideas to Keep Easter Centered on Christ," KSL-TV's Mormon Times, April 2012

Guest Posts:

Mothering with Power, Strength, and Conviction, 2013, WBMW.

20 Minutes Every Monday to a Better Life, 2011, Women in the Scriptures.

Past Print Articles:

Young Women in ActionUnion County Times, March 9, 2012

"Banding Together"Ohio Magazine, July 2008

"Paxinos Cross"Inside Pennsylvania Magazine, Spring 2008

"Ohio Heroes: Karoline McMullen"Ohio Magazine, December 2007

"Mr. Mom", Today's Woman, December 2007

"Changes:  Handling Life's Curveballs", Today's Woman, September 2007

"My Dream Job"Town & GownSpring 2007