Family Proclamation Lessons

Looking for resources to help your family talk about The Family Proclamation?
Here are some things you'll want to check out:

5-Minute Family Proclamation Lessons
14 lessons to share that take 5 minutes each

The Family Proclamation ABCs
Free printable coloring pages

30 Days for The Family Proclamation
30 Crafts & object lessons on the Proclamation

Family Proclamation Trivial Pursuit
A Family Proclamation Board Game

Family Proclamation Cootie Catcher
A customizable, printable cootie catcher

Family Proclamation "Go Fish"
A game kids can make and play

"Celebrate Family"
Annual Family Proclamation Series

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In January 2010, I taught my children, ages 4, 2, and 1, the entire Family line at a time, every day for 30 consecutive days.  Each day, we also did a craft or an object lesson to help clarify the lessons being taught.

We call these lessons "30 Days for The Family Proclamation".

After reading about our experience, I hope that you will also embark on this special journey of teaching your children some of the most important truths about Family.  

Scroll down to access links to all of the lessons in this series
and to find more ways to study and teach your children about family.

Now, here are all of the lessons from my "30 Days for the Family" in order:

Day 5:  Gender Matters

Day 13:  Life Is Sacred

Day 30:  Strengthen Families, Strengthen Society

Alternative Craft:  Temple Softie
(Pattern available at Made By Bedtime Tales)

(Click here to read more about what inspired me to do this.)


We Talk of Christ, We Rejoice In Christ

Each September, I join forces with Montserrat of Chocolate On My Cranium and other bloggers around the web to "Celebrate Family".  

We celebrate with daily guest posts on The Family Proclamation and lots of fun link-ups and giveaways.  To read all of the posts from that series click here! And please join us in September!


In January 2011, I created a curriculum of study and memorization of the Family Proclamation that breaks down the document into bite-sized parts that coincide with each letter of the alphabet.  The curriculum is called:
"The Family Proclamation ABCs".
Click on the title above to find the ABCs 
and free downloads of the letter worksheets that we used.