Monday, March 26, 2018

The Week Before General Conference

Good Morning, friends.

It's the monday before Easter and General Conference.  So basically, for every Mom, it's Go Time.

I've already enjoyed a little Easter fun as we organized the first egg hunt in our new neighborhood. It was a very positive gathering of neighbors and it was fun to see the children making new friends and playing four-square with each other after the egg hunt.

These are good things.  These are things God would like I see fellow men and women coming together in a positive way.  It felt good.

Now I'm getting ready for the big weekend: Easter + General Conference.

I'm planning a special family home evening for tonight which I'll blog about tonight or tomorrow.  You'll be able to replicate it any night this week as a fun Easter activity.

I am meal prepping and getting ready to do my son's class party at school.  Whew!  Busy.

But I was reminded as I was making dinners this morning of something we can all do to help us prepare spiritually for this big General Conference and Easter weekend.

It's something I did a few Easters ago that really made a difference for me.  I stopped listening to popular music/the radio and started listening only to spiritual music all week long.

I am doing that right now and it makes me feel calm and peaceful eventhough I do have a lot on my plate.

I recently downloaded the LDS Youth App which gives my children  access to all of the youth music.  It's excellent.  I put it on our Family cell phone as well and my daughter is eating it up.

Another thing we did at Family Council last night, is we wrote down questions we each have for General Conference.  If you'll remember I did that pretty earnestly last Conference and received an abundance of answers.  The more sincerely and diligently we see for the answers to these questions, the more answers we will come across.

So here's a quick list of suggestions to help us prepare spiritually for General Conference and Easter:

1.  Let go of listening to popular music or media and replace it with spiritually uplifting music or hymns.

2.  Try harder to follow the Word of Wisdom to prepare your body and spirit to hear the words of the Lord.  Go to bed early and wake up earlier this week.  Find time to exercise and eat well.

3.  Read the Book of Mormon every day as President Monson asked.

4.  Read the entire Ensign.  Look for hints of what is on the minds of the Brethren and learn more about President Nelson.

5.  Write down a list of personal questions you have that you would like answered.  Then pray about them and search scriptures and the words of the prophets for answers before Conference weekend begins.

Ok, the baby is up now! Gotta go. Good luck!!

PS If you do anything fun for FHE/Easter this week, let me know!  Id like to hear about it!


  1. LOVE this! We're counting down to Easter (using your countdown, I believe!), and we had a great discussion of Peter denying Christ "thrice before the cock crow twice." Despite having read these scriptures in the past, none of the kids seemed to remember this part of the story at all--a strong reminder that we need to hear things multiple times before they stick. Gen Conf-wise, I printed out bingo sheets for the littles and the AMAZING youth conference journals the church (or Deseret?) put out for the older kids (I'll send you the link if you don't already have it). Our 12 yr old is really excited about it, though our 14 yr old already has her journal that she prefers, which I think is great! Considering I'm usually frantically printing things off during the opening hymn Saturday morning, this is phenomenal for me! :)

    1. Haha I've been there!!! Hey send me that link! I'd love to use it! Going to be a good conference with two new apostles! I'm going to have e to update my board!

  2. Glad you haven't disappeared, I enjoy reading your posts...