Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Looking for an easy and fun way to discuss the events that tell the story of Christ's sacrifice and resurrection with your children?  Look no further.

We did this really fun Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt last night with family and friends during a special Easter Family Home Evening.  

I found the idea for this activity at Arabah Joy  Her photo scavenger hunt was so simple and easy!  However, in the end I decided to make my own, because I wanted to highlight different/more parts of the story with my kids.

You can download the hunt that I made up here: Easter Photo Scavenger Hunt or follow the link above for hers.

Here's how it works:  Depending on how many people are in your group or family, you can split up into teams however you decide.  Each team needs the printed clue sheet, access to the New Testament, and a phone or device that can take photos.  Each team then reads the scripture stories and is prompted to find and take pictures of an item mentioned in the stories.  These items are everyday household items.  Each clue also has a question related to it to help participants think more deeply about the stories and relate to their own lives.

If they can't find an item, they can color a picture of it.  I encouraged our kids to get creative with it and think outside of the box.  Also, if they wanted to represent a different part of the scripture clue, they were free to do that. (The picture below shows one group of girls doing just that.  They decided to depict what the disciples did when they were supposed to be staying up watching on behalf of Christ while he was in the Garden.)  For another clue we found that a close-up of a window pane made an excellent cross, etc.

When the teams were finished, they returned to the living room and we took turns sharing what we took photos of and why.  Each team bore testimony and taught the stories to one another.  This was where answering the questions earlier made this discussion even richer.

There was an incentive.  The first team to finish and return won a small prize (a package of mystery-flavored peeps!)

This was a really fun evening spent with friends and family talking about the peace we receive as we follow the Savior Jesus Christ.

And it ended with treats, of course!  Donuts and donut holes made to look like empty tombs.  You don't have to wait until FHE to do this!  Have fun with it!  And have a Happy Easter!


  1. wow what a fun way to involve young ones actively and creatively in learning about the true meaning of Easter...

  2. We did this activity as a family last night. My husband was with my older children, and I took the younger ones. The older children were able to read through the passages of scriptures and discuss them. With the younger children we had to focus on the main scripture and what we were looking for to keep their attention. Everyone had a great time! (One of my favorite pictures was one my older children took of my son holding his ear with ketchup on it to make it look like it was bleeding!).

    I am so grateful for everything you share on your blog. I have gotten so many ideas from you, Jocelyn! But, it isn't just the fantastic ideas that I love... I'm always inspired and strengthened by the the thoughts and insights you share, as well as your testimony. My soul seems to connect with your soul. More than once I have thought, "I wish we were neighbors. I want to be friends with her!" :) Everytime I see an email in my inbox from your blog I get so excited! Know that you have had a strong influence for good in my life. Thank You!

    This morning my sister shared with me an activity she does to share the Easter story with her children called "Easter in Eggs." Not sure if you have seen or done something like this before, but I thought you would enjoy a copy of it. I've attached a link...


    1. What a gift it was for me to read your kind words!!!! Thank you for that! We did something very similar years ago but we need to do it again! thank you for sharing this with me!!!!