Sunday, October 8, 2017

The Magic Really Does Wear Off at Midnight

Do you ever have those moments where you feel like something magic is happening? Of course, magic isn't really the right word, but you just know you're getting help from somewhere...perhaps heavenly help?

Those are moments I don't ask questions, but just proceed to get stuff done while heavenly eyes are smiling upon me.

This is how I felt on Friday.

I had promised to take a meal to my friend (and visiting teachee), but I hadn't been able to get to the grocery store until that day.  And being pregnant, I was worried that I'd be in pain or too tired from shopping to actually get the meal made!  Because that happens, basically every other day to me.

But on Friday morning, I was feeling good, really good.  I had a good night's rest, so I headed to the grocery store with just two goals in mind: get food so our family could eat and so I could complete my mission of taking a meal to my friend and gather ingredients to then (if I wasn't too wiped out) make some freezer meals for after the baby comes.

My shopping trip (with two kids in tow) went remarkably smoothly, and bringing the groceries inside didn't completely destroy my pregnant body.

Again, magic.  

As long as I feel good, I thought, I'll keep working.

I put together three batches of the white chicken chili I planned to take to my friend: one for her, one for us, and one to freeze.  Then I proceeded to put together a bunch of freezer meals (following the recipes found here.)

Whew!  That was an major undertaking, one I had not tried before.

Meanwhile, my little prince woke up early from his nap.  That day was his 18 month birthday, his half-birthday, if you will.

I wanted to make his day special, so we cracked open the donuts that I picked up at the grocery store.  Val proceeded to eat them sideways and wipe the crumbs off the table with his chubby little feet.  He then wanted books read to him, lots and lots of books, which was good because I needed to sit down.

He also wanted me to wrap him up over and over again in the blanket that I crocheted for him this summer.

All of these things made me feel good.  All of these things were the perks of motherhood and I recognized them as things I didn't want to pass up, just because I had "work to do."

Sitting down also had the effect of notifying my body that since I was almost done with my "mission" the "magic" was quickly wearing off!  And I was moments away from turning into a pumpkin!

I struggled through pain to finish the last of my freezer meals and get them into the garage freezer.  Then I hopped in the car for a few ingredients that I missed the first time at the store and to drop the food off at my friend's house.

I decided to grab her some chocolate, because any woman recovering from surgery probably would appreciate a secret personal stash of Cadbury chocolate.

As I loaded up the food to take to my friend, the spirit whispered, you've got all these freezer meals, don't you think you could spare one more for your friend?

Yes, yes, I could spare another meal for her. Yes, I could be more generous given the fact that the Lord had given me the strength to do so much that much that I absolutely didn't have the power to do on my own.

When I finally dropped the dinners off to my friend, I was pleasantly surprised to hear her say, "That's my favorite candy bar!"

Of course, it was!  I didn't know that, but the spirit knew it.  I had originally chosen a Hershey bar, but then saw Caramellos (which I prefer) on sale and changed my mind. 

The Lord knew what would be a treat for my friend.  The Lord knew what I was and was not capable of given my physical limitations and gave me the strength to do what feels right now to me like the super-human.

Today, I am super in pain, but I don't regret it.  I cherish knowing that the Lord was able to use me to show love for my friend who has shown a lot of love for me.

And, yes, I have a date with a chiropractor tomorrow!! :)  Which I'm sure is also a blessing in disguise!


  1. wow, you make me tired just reading of your busy day...hope to schedule light relaxing days!

  2. Oh the things we go through at the end of pregnancy... Such a pure ecxample of doing what is right in the face of adversaty. Your little prince is so adorable! Mine will be 18 months soon too.