Monday, October 23, 2017

Pregnancy Olympics FHE

For Family Home Evening tonight, we staged what we are calling the Pregnancy Olympics!

I came up with the idea after seeing my kids stuffing pillows up their shirts yesterday pretending to be pregnant.  I thought it would be fun to hold an Olympic games of pregnancy, just to kind of help them see what it's like to be in My shoes!

They had a blast.  We all did.

Here are some of the events which were run with pillows and blankets up their shirts (and down some pants).  Some events had them also wearing a backpack loaded down with heavy 2 liter bottles.

Most of the events were timed, such as this "baby crawl."

And the "roll over in bed" event which had them rolling across the floor.  

There was also an event that tested their balance (running across a balance beam while weighed down by 2 liters) and agility (running through a room littered with legos.)

In another event, the kids had to fold a large pile of towels.  The winner was the one who folded the most towels correctly.

 Of course no Olympic Games would be complete without an awards ceremony.

I didn't make any medals or anything, but the winners were announced and everyone enjoyed their bags of Skittles.

Afterward, we talked about what it takes to put yourself in other people's shoes, what it takes to have empathy for others.  Steve encouraged the children to think of the games we played tonight and to keep thinking of ways to help me out over the next few weeks of this pregnancy and beyond.

(*Thanks to my husband for thinking up most of the events and being the MC!)

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