Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Thank you, FHE, for Helping us Laugh Again!

In case you're wondering, we don't know the gender of the baby we are having (in six weeks or less now!)  For all but one of our children, we have opted to wait until the birth to find out.

I usual "know" the gender through little experiences here and there, mostly dreams.  This time, however, I've had three dreams of baby girls, none of whom I thought were mine in the dream.  I also had a dream I had twin boys in my posession.  But I also dreamed that I met Michael Jordan and he thought I was I'm just all over the place dreamwise this pregnancy!

Here's another little tidbit, I didn't tell anyone I was pregnant--not even my husband--for 12 weeks.  We were under so much stress as a family with the move, new job, building a house and moving again, that I decided, like Mary, to "keep all these things in my heart!"

As a result, everyone was pretty surprised and perhaps shocked when I announced that I was pregnant, I think because most people in my family and a few friends had decided that I was done...or should be done now...having kids.

So, although I am just six weeks or less away from actually giving birth, I am just now doing things we normally like to do to get the family excited and geared up to welcome a new family member.

During FHE we did something we've done for other babies: I asked the children and Steve to draw a picture of what they think the baby will look like.  It's pretty funny to see what they come up with and we were all laughing by the time that activity was over.  (Do I see a pattern forming?  Holding FHE with the spirit can help us all feel better together?? So glad for that!)

In addition to drawing, we each wrote down our best guesses about the gender, when the baby would arrive, and other statistics such as weight and length.

Since we aren't sure about names yet, my husband promised that whoever guessed closest would get naming rights.  Oh, great!  Good luck, little one!  Maybe the best namer win!

This post shows us doing this five years ago for baby Honor...Click here to see it!  The funny thing is the post says we weren't going to find out the gender...but we DID!  I must've worked my magic on my husband Steve when he was most vulnerable!

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  1. how lucky for your little one to be so welcomed into your loving home.