Thursday, September 28, 2017

General Conference Notebook Download

Everybody's working for the I right?  General Conference weekend, that is!

I've had a few people ask if I'm putting out an updated General Conference doodle/note-taking book, and I wasn't going to, but I decided to make one for my family, so I'm sharing it with you as well.

I worked hard on it, but not too hard...because...I'm just so pregnant: My excuse for everything lately, but it's the truth!

At the top of each page, you'll find a "hand-writing practice" to help little ones spell and write the name of each of the Brethren, as well as a doodle prompt.  At the bottom of each page is a quote from each person from the previous conference.  There are only 9 pages to print total so it shouldn't kill your budget on ink or paper. I always print mine on cardstock, because it makes for a sturdier doodle book.  Cut the pages in half and join them together with rings or whatever you'd like.

You can access the free download right here: LDSConf Notebook

Like I said, it's nothing fancy, but it's free so no complaining!

(*Scroll down and I'll show you a few more of the Conference prep stuff I have going on...)

Here are a few more things I've gathered for the weekend:

1.  Today, I stopped at the Goodwill and picked up this neat map/puzzle made of that foamy stuff.  I meant to save it as something we might do over the weekend, but couldn't wait.  Buying cheap toys/activities at thrift stores and saving them for our General Conference Reverence Stations is something I really like to do.

You can read more about how we do REVERENCE STATIONS at this link:  OUR VERY BEST GENERAL CONFERENCE IDEAS.

2.  While thrifting today, I also picked up a game of Scrabble, because Scrabble tiles have a lot of potential...especially over Conference weekend.  So this will be something I'm using for a new activity and a new way to "take notes" and stay engaged in General Conference this time around. (I will show you that over the weekend!)

3.  You know those cardboard houses that they sell at craft stores and discount stores?  Yeah, I picked up one of those too.  The one I got has a Halloween theme, and it's something that my kids can all color together...and then play with later, or sit in to listen to Conference...or fight over or what-have-you.

I'm keeping things low-key this time around, so besides printing out their doodle notebooks all I have left is food prep...which is normally a big undertaking keeping everyone fed.  Looks like the weekend is going to consist of lots of gummy bears...unless I get some grocery shopping done tomorrow!!  Best of luck to all you General Conference-planning Mamas!


  1. You are so immpressive and full of such creative helpful ideas....

  2. Thank you so much for sharing! Love all your ideas and it has me pumped for conference with the kiddos. Best of luck to you and yours and may God bless you.