Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Time Again to Celebrate Family!

Heads-up, guys!  The annual Family Proclamation celebration starts this Sunday, and we've got some great posts lined up for you.  I am completely blown away by the testimonies that will be shared right here on my blog...and I'm sure there are a lot of great posts in store for you on the other two host-blogs CranialHiccups and AThingCalledLoveblog.

Something new this year that I hope ALL of you will participate in is this:  We will be sharing why we love the family proclamation on FB with a photo and the hashtag #ILovetheFamilyProclamation!

Here's an example that Montse shared today:  When sharing I’ll write, ” #ILovetheFamilyProclamation because it teaches that life is sacred and we are all sent here to fulfill part of God’s plan. What plan does he have in store for baby Henry? I’m not sure yet but as his mother I will do my best to teach him to love God and follow where He directs.”

See how easy that is? It’s something everyone can do! Starting now and throughout the rest of September share your photos using the hashtag #ILovetheFamilyProclamation. It’s a simple way to bear testimony and share the truths found in the Proclamation.
Follow the Celebrate the Family Proclamation on facebook to get all the latest news and updates and links to all the blog posts when we start on Sunday. Come join us!

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  1. Awesome! I love the posts on this subject~ Hugs for all you all do for family!