Monday, September 28, 2015

10 General Conference FHE Ideas for Tonight

[Scroll down for my list of FHE ideas...but first I'll tell you about #10]

I was pretty happy to see that LDSLiving gathered pictures of the Apostles and put them all in one place.  That made it really easy for my kids and I to have a fun General Conference family counsel together last night (and by "fun" I mean sort of crazy, because they were in a wild Sunday-afternoon funky mood!) But yes, it was fun.

Using our now "world-famous" (haha, thank you, Friend) Apostles Name Board (which will soon need to be updated!) we played a little game in which we tried to guess which kid picture went with which Apostle.  You can print out all the Apostle/Kid pictures here.

I even incorporated them in the General Conference Doodle Book which you can download for free right here.

My kids were cracking up over the photos.  They had lots of thoughts of which kids were "soooo cute", which ones looked like and older kid they might have looked up to and wanted to hang out with and follow around, and which ones still look old because of their clothing!

This would make for a fun FHE tonight, if you're in a crunch.  Just print out the photos and go to town.  Here are some other ideas from my VERY BEST OF GENERAL CONFERENCE IDEAS PAGE!

10 General Conference FHE IDEAS FOR TONIGHT: 

1. "Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice FHE" Play voices of three apostles and see if your family can guess who is speaking.

2. As a family, come up with a menu plan for the weekend and/or brainstorm on REVERENCE STATIONS that would be enjoyable to do together while watching Conference this weekend.

3. You might also want to download the newest Sugardoodle Gen Conf Packet and put them together...together.  Available here on the Sugardoodle General Conference Page.

4. Download & Fill out the latest Fantasy General Conference Brackets...makes for a fun and friendly family competition!  You can find the brackets at the Fantasy General Conference Page on Facebook.

5. Pick one Apostle to spotlight...make one food representative of either the country where they served or where they are from. See this post for ideas.

6. Take an online behind the scenes tour of the Conference Center, lead by a child. (See link on my page.)

7. Go over this article about HOW AN APOSTLE IS CALLED.

8. Together, come up with questions you would like to find answers to during General Conference and Create a General Conference Questions Wall.

9. Clean the house as a family...if you're like us, it'll be trashed again by Friday night, HOWEVER, it will give each member of the family a feeling of reverence for the weekend and what it involves...especially if you watch at home like we do!


10. Print out pictures of the Apostles as children and try to guess who they match (as mentioned above!) Link here.