Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Law-abiding Citizens in The Family Proclamation

 This summer, we're taking another look at The Family Proclamation, as we like to do at least once a year.  As you know we've done many rounds of Family Proclamation Lessons that I've share here.  

This summer, we'll be learning it using the ABCs to help us remember these important teachings.  (You can see how we divided up the FP by ABCs here.)

The first letter we're talking about today is the letter U, which in our Family Proclamation Alphabet, stands for the "United States."  

The Family Proclamation teaches that parents should teach their children"....to observe the commandments of God and to be law-abiding citizens wherever they live."  (And we happen to live in the US!)

So, while we discussed the whats and whys of this fabulous admonition, we made American flags with paint and pom-pom paint brushes.  

Using clothes pins to hold our poms, we dipped them in paint and dabbed away.  While we painted, we answered these questions: What does it mean to obey the commandments?  What does it mean to obey the law of the land?  How can we do these things? What would happen if the majority of people stopped following the laws of the land? 

It was a pretty easy craft and lesson that's fun for all ages.  We managed to make quite a mess, but I think they'll remember what we talked about.   Here is Scarlett sharing what we learned from The Family Proclamation today:

"Obey the commandments of God and follow the Law of the Land."


  1. Loved all of this; you do such creative and fun things to teach your children a principle. I love you ideas!

  2. looks fun and messy-exactly what kids love!