Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Boys & Girls

We are watching lots of milestones come and go in our family right now.

Tonight it was a milestone for both Scarlett, who attended her first meeting of Activity Day girls, and Guy who received his Bobcat, Wolf, and Bear badges in a Cub Scout ceremony. (He earned the first two a while ago, but finally got the award.)

Scarlett was so proud to be welcomed in to Activity Days by the older girls and her leaders.  Guy was excited to be recognized for his hard work.

As I sat in Guy's scout program, I noticed that there was much talk of the purpose of scouting, and that is to prepare the boys to become men--to worthily hold and function in the Priesthood of God.  And what does that all boil down to?  Service.  Serving others.  Being the kind of person who is prepared, willing, and worthy to serve and help anybody, any place, any time.  (*Reminds me of the Zach Lambert song "Who Will" which my kids love!)

A few rooms down the hall, what were Scarlett and her young girl friends doing?  They were learning how to sew and simultaneously serving others by making pillowcase dresses to donate to girls around the world who have no clothing (via PA Dress-a-Girl).  This simple dress that Scarlett helped make could make a world of difference for a girl, far away, who she will never meet.  And the skills she is beginning to acquire she will someday use to serve her family and pass on to her children.

In both cases, Guy and Scarlett (and their friends) are learning what it means to become "grown up".  It does not mean--contrary to the opinion being tossed around in social media--to "do whatever makes YOU happy."  It means working, serving, learning, being willing to go out of one's way to help someone else or put someone else's needs first.

This is essentially the role that a Mother and Father play in the family.  They both sacrifice to help, teach, and raise the next generation.  In these two programs, boys and girls begin to learn skills and principles that will help them become women and men, mothers and fathers, creators of life and people who point the way and help unlock the doors to eternal life.

I think they were both in the right place tonight...wouldn't you say?


  1. wonderful activities. Having 4 sons, I loved the scouting program and its goals....

  2. I would say they are in the right place. I love the milestones and what they are doing right now. I loved the activities the children had. Thanks for sharing these great family moments. Hugs~