Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Updating Your Family Media Rules

Do you have a family media plan?  It's a set of guidelines that your family follows to determine how media will be used in your home.  During the summertime, as a family, we sat down and filled out this Family Media Plan Worksheet to determine what rules will guide how we use media as a family.

Following the suggestion to update family media rules often, we sat down as a family at dinner last night and reviewed, clarified, and restated our family media plan.  I allowed the children to tell me what they remember about our family media plan, and they were able to recall key points.

It's been six months since we created our media plan, and we can already see a need to remind us all what the rules are and re-explore the "why" behind these family rules.  

During our family meeting, we decided to add a specific rule about passwords, which we are hoping will help us in the future by putting it into play now.  Starting in the 4th grade, our schools provide children with iPads, so we felt a pressing need to address how that school iPad will be subject to our house rules--well in advance of Guy receiving it this coming fall.  

We also talked about how our main goal for our family is that each of us will grow to become responsible (from a young age) for protecting our own hearts from the things we will see and hear online and in the world.  

CLICK HERE to access the Family Media Plan Worksheet that we use.


  1. Thanks for this one; I will want to share it with my children.

  2. This is such a great idea, and like Lin said, so important. Thanks for sharing! I love your Family Usage Motto!


  3. Such a good idea to make these decisions as a family.