Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tony Chestnut

Finally, the day has come. My kids are going back to school and I'm bawling. It's been a very long holiday for us, with lots of family time, ending in a funeral for a great, great man. I hurried and tried to think of something profound to say as my children walked out the door this morning. All I could think of was "remember who you are!" And Autumn says in all seriousness, "Oh yeah, I remember, Toe-knee Chest-nut!"

"Tony Chestnut" is a joke my Uncle Johnny used frequently to get a laugh.  He'd say, "Hey, what's your name?"  The person would answer, and then he'd say, no, you're name is "Toe-knee Chest-nut!" and he'd point to the person's toe, knee, chest, and noggin.  The joke was just so silly, you couldn't help but laugh.

What a blessing to take time out of our busy lives to remember who we are, who our people are, and who we are in relation to them.  And to Autumn, this morning, she was Toe-knee Chest-nut!
To Tony Chestnut!!


  1. how sweet when kids cheer up the mom...lol!

  2. Very sweet moment; and I can relate to this one. I always enjoyed the children being home and when they went back to school; I felt sad.

    1. The definitely needed to get their routine back but it was bitter sweet thinking about what a wonderful time we've shared together over the last few weeks!

  3. How cute! Our kids were home today for -40 weather! It was good to have them home. Feels more normal. Even with the fighting;)