Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Don't feed them after midnight. Don't get them wet...

My sister-in-law Emmalee (who makes the Fantasy General Conference brackets every year) said recently that she wished everyone got as excited about General Conference as people do about the Super Bowl.  I'm not even sure if that's one word or two, but I guess it's safe to say that General Conference is our Super Bowl.

We talk about it.  We learn about it.  We craft about it.  We prepare for it.  And we really, really enjoy it.

It wasn't always so, though.  There were lots of sessions of trial and error when it came to watching ALL of the sessions of Conference live with young children, which we do, and have done for many Conferences now.  And we're still a work in progress.  Watching Conference with the kids can sometimes feel like a Marathon (a very messy, loud, Marathon).  When we're done, we're exhausted, but it is so, so worth it.

I try to share what has worked for us as often as I can on my blog and as tips on the Friend website.  Tonight I am sharing our best bits of wisdom for teaching the messages of General Conference to children on  Although it's kind of buried, you can access it right now. 

 It's called "Learning from General Conference as a Family."  And it contains some ideas that you might want to have in the back of your mind while you watch this weekend to help you better prepare to teach your children when Conference is over.

The tips and teaching suggestions are easy...I promise.  Go read it now!

So much more to say, but my bed is calling.  But before I go, here are pictures from our little crafting session that we did after school today.  

Scarlett suggested that we make t-shirts with our favorite teachings from General Conference on them.  Seriously, guys???  This is the kind of stuff that you get when you allow your children to experience General Conference, not just twice a year, but through out the year, and every day.

All children are capable of coming to understand and love and live General Conference.  This is an amazing generation that is so capable and with it and so sensitive to the Spirit. Love them all!!  I'm inspired by them daily!

Anyway, to make these tshirts, we grabbed some of Guy's plain white tees and a bunch of permanent markers to create these babies.  Some day they are going to laugh good and long about these photos, but I hope that they will always have these teachings in their hearts!

Check out Scarlett's representation of "Catch the Wave of Missionary Work..." That Rubber Duckie is sure catching a wave.

What can he say?  He loves Family History, and he's proud of it!

(His favorite teaching from last Conference was from Elder Cook, obviously!)

Beware of Bondage, baby, yes!

Scarlett drew wings on the back of her tshirt with the teachings of President Eyring (Angels watch over us.) and an invitation to come to our house for Conference!  Come on over, guys!

Can you figure out the other General Conference teachings that are represented here?

When I asked Autumn what her favorite Gen Conf teaching was, she said, "Love."

What could be better than a fall leaf-fight?  A fall leaf-fight on a trampoline, wearing General Conference t-shirts.


  1. I love how you've instilled such a love of Conference into them that they are coming up with ideas to celebrate and remember on their own. What a precious gift.

  2. I really loved all the pictures and what you do to prepare for conference with your children~

  3. Thank you for these ideas. Tonight as I was putting my 7 year old son to bed I asked him what he thought about conference and he essentially said he didn't like it much because the speakers only speak to adults; they use too many big words. I was kinda sad to hear it, but I remember feeling that way too as a child. I am so glad you share your creativeness with us all to help our children to understand and even get excited about it!

    1. A don't feel sad! He's normal!! ;). It takes.time and it's what happens once conference is over that really matters! If it makes you feel any better my kids seemed to notice the strangest things today like when Scarlett started chuckling because the speaker said "quote unquote" not sure why but she thought that was very funny. And it is is a funny phrase. Everything Is more fun through a child's eyes. You've got time to build up their love of conference and you'll do it together. You're doing great!