Friday, October 3, 2014

General Conference: Game On

Athletes of various sports have things they do to prepare themselves for big sporting events.

Here are 10 simple things you can do to get your General Conference Zen On:

1.  Be Calm:  Yeah, I've got lots of chores to do still and a basement to clean, but it's easier to receive inspiration when you're not doing more than you should, which, let's face it, on any given day, I'm doing way more than I probably should (or trying to!)  Today, I'm working on not doing too much, not rushing around, not going here and there, not making lists in my head.  Being quiet.  Being peaceful.  Being calm.

2. Stop Watching TV:  Um, you're going to get in 8-10 hours this weekend anyway, so I think you'll get your fix. I'm trying to turn off the world, starting today to prepare myself to be spiritually fed this weekend.

3. Check in on your VT Sisters:  I decided to stop by and check in on my sisters a few days ago and bring them a General Conference message.  It wasn't really a visit, just stopped by and dropped something off and chatted for a few minutes.  I felt the spirit confirming that I was doing something pleasing to God.  And I knew that my sacrifice to drive all over town was going to help me receive the answers that I'm looking for at Conference this weekend.

4.  Read the Ensign:  I like to try to guess what the prophets will be talking about during General Conference weekend.  I'm often wrong.  But whenever I read the church magazines before Conference starts, I often discover that they touch on some of the same topics that they have just written about in the magazines.  And it adds to my understanding of their teachings having "read-ahead."  Even if you don't have time to read cover to cover, just skim!

5. Review Last Conference:  Listen to your favorite talks from last Conference.  I stream the talks through my phone to a speaker in my kitchen while I clean or cook.  I am also writing my favorite quotes in my General Conference Journal.

6. Share your favorite talks online:  Yesterday and today, I started sharing my favorite talks with my friends on FB.  I just share my favorite quote and a link to the talk and a brief testimony about why the talk can help me and my family or can apply to people of all faiths.  I'm sharing using #LDSConf and #ShareGoodness.  I have had a few friends of other faiths make supportive comments online about the talks.

7. Pray about the questions you have:  I have questions that I'd like answered.  I always have questions anyway, and I can receive answers from Heavenly Father any time I pray and ask and work for those answers, but on General Conference weekend we have a unique opportunity to sit and listen to a prophet of God speaking words prepared just for us.  Think about how amazing that is.  Do more than wonder, actively ask God, take time to search the scriptures for answers.  Write them down. 

8. Write in your journal:  Write down how you feel about life right now.  Write down your hopes and dreams.  Write down what you're struggling with.  After Conference is over, go back to that entry and see if you have an observations about how you feel after watching Conference compared to before.  Then record your testimony.

9.  Exercise:  What?  Yes, exercise.  Go for a walk.  Stretch...yawn deeply with your arms open wide, if that's all you can manage!! ;)  Or work up a sweat.  After all, you will be sitting still for many hours this weekend.  Get your wiggles out!  It is fall in most of the country...go outside and look around and observe the beauty that God has created for you.  Think about your blessings.  Ponder and meditate on them.  Thank God for them.  Clear your head of your worries and get ready to fill it up with wonderful things. 

10.  Get a Good Rest:  I plan on going to bed earlier than usual.  I know my husband is going to laugh about that one, but I mean it this time! :)  Rest.  There is still much to do if you're the mama of a household, but you need your sleep, so you can be at your best this weekend!


  1. I enjoyed reading this informative post. Great ideas for preparing for the marvelous conference weekend.
    Blessings for your thoughts today!

  2. Thank you for all the great ideas and links for General Conference. I printed out both activity packets this morning and prepared different activity stations for our kids based on your ideas. My 10, 7, and 5 year olds loved it. My 2 year old ran around and made lots of noise like usual, but I was thankful that my older kids could be there, quietly engaged, listening to the speakers. I read through your 10 ideas you have listed above last night, and I think next Conference I'll need to review them a week in advance to prepare myself better. Great ideas! Thanks for your blog posts! I love Conference too!