Monday, July 7, 2014

Personal Progress for Leaders

So the other night, I was checking on on my Personal Progress.  I was having a good time watching those little rectangles change color as I filled in my value experiences on my online personal progress record.

Then I realized, I'm more than halfway to earning my Young Womanhood Recognition again (the first time was when I was a youth.)  Yippee.

Then I thought I'd better check the back of the Personal Progress book to make sure that I am indeed following all of the guidelines and getting the correct people to pass off my work.

That's when I read this:

"Personal Progress Requirements for Leaders:

 - Serve for a total of one year as a Young Women leader.
 - Complete the required value experiences in each of the eight values
 - Complete three value projects, including the project for virtue."

What?  I had no idea leaders could earn their medallion using this abbreviated list of requirements, either that or I knew and just forgot, but either way that is really good news.  

So all you Young Women leaders out there who think you can't possibly earn your personal progress award along-side your girls, think again.  And all you other ones who are trudging along slowly doing all of the required value experiences: you don't have to be a hero! (Or be a hero and do all of the requirements, I won't stop you!)

But whatever you do, remember this from Personal Progress (pg. 91):

"Leaders are encouraged to work on Personal Progress along with the young women.  Those who participate in the Personal Progress program themselves understand the program better and set a favorable example for the young women to follow."

The Young Women need your example.  

You don't have to be Noelle Pikus-Pace with a silver medal hanging around your neck to inspire your youth.  But what an example she set and what volumes she spoke to the youth by wearing her Young Woman medallion as she stood on the medal stand to receive her Olympic medal.

Yes You, regular ole Sister Young Women leader, can be a hero to somebody, just by making personal progress your priority.  Every value experience that you complete says to your girls, "I can do it, and so can you."

For those who asked about requirements for other adults to receive their YW Recognition award, here they are:

Participation of Mothers

Mothers are welcome to participate with young women in earning the Young Womanhood Recognition. Mothers work from their own Personal Progress book and may earn the recognition along with their daughter. It is recommended that a daughter earn her recognition before or along with her mother.
Mothers may complete the same requirements as their daughters, including:
  • • 
    Attend sacrament meeting regularly (where possible).
  • • 
    Live the standards in For the Strength of Youth.

  • • 
    Complete the value experiences and value project for each of the eight values.
  • • 
    Keep a personal journal.
  • • 
    Read the Book of Mormon regularly.
  • • 
    Record her testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ.

Mothers may select different options for the elective value experiences and the value projects from their daughters. The experiences and projects may be signed and dated by their daughter, their spouse, a Young Women leader, or another adult. The bishop verifies that the requirements have been completed. Recognition and the purchase of recognition materials should be coordinated with Young Women leaders and the bishopric.

Personal Progress Requirements for Others Who Desire to Work on the Program

Other women who desire to participate in and complete Personal Progress may do so by completing the same requirements as young women and by assisting a young woman with a portion of her Personal Progress. (See requirements for mothers on page 92.)


  1. HOpe you get the year in and the new medalion. the old I love. the new is just pretty and a nice change.

    1. I've already been a leader for a year. I was a ward leader for a year and a half and now I've been a stake leader for about 8 months. Yeah, I like the new medallion. I also liked the old way of getting a new necklace when you moved up the ranks. That was neat. And I love my display of necklaces that you made for me when I graduated!

  2. I missed young women's with 4 sons and always serving in scouts or primary...

    1. Well, you can always jump in and do it now. There are always girls who need encouragement and someone who will walk them through the program. Parents don't always step in, so you could!

  3. I have always wanted to serve in young women and now have three daughters in the program. Watch, I'll work through everything as a mother and THEN I'll finally get called to serve in the program! It has been fun this past few months as I've been going strong and encouraging my Beehive to progress along with me.

  4. I was our ward Personal Progress leader and worked on it along with the girls. As soon as I finished and got my medallion I was released. :o) I'm glad I got it, though.

  5. You are an inspiration Jocelyn. I love you and grateful for your great example in my life. I am doing Personal Progress with my daughters as a mother and those are cherished days of my life.

  6. I was the PP leader in our last ward. I somehow completely missed that part and was working competing the entire program again. I could've gotten it if I had read that more closely

  7. Does a woman who completes this get a medallion??