Friday, March 14, 2014

Teaching Children Service

As a follow-up to our Family Home Evening this week, I just wanted to share with you what has been happening around here.  The leprechauns in our house have been busy doing secret acts of service and leaving little chocolate gold coins where ever they do good deeds.  I have found them on freshly made beds and newly stacked bath toys, among other places.

It's not too late for you to employ our Leprechaun Service Adventure!  Simply buy a stash of chocolate coins and follow this link to access the poem that goes with it.

It's a fun way to encourage kids to be "sneaky as a leprechaun" in doing GOOD WORKS!


FOR further reading here is "a Mormon Perspective on St. Patrick's Day."


  1. Oh, this is such a good one. I wonder if adults could do this.I would love to challenge my husband. Of course, I would love the chocolate coins so I would win in the number of good deeds.
    Blessings for this one!