Sunday, March 2, 2014

Gilbert Arizona Temple Celebration

This morning we are eating temple pancakes in honor of our Gilbert Arizona friends!

 So excited to watch the entire celebration put on by 12,000+ youth.  I will watch it with my children later today.  Thanks for being a great example of how to "Live True" to the Faith. 

We were on a temple trip of our own last night and could not watch the live broadcast, but it looks amazing, and I'm including some links below for others to watch.

Here's how to make these temple pancakes:

I used the temple cookie cutter found here.  Inspired by the heart pound cake we made a few weeks ago, we cooked normal pancakes (in various colors), cut the temple shape out, then laying the cutout on the skillet again, we carefully poured new pancake mix around the shape and cooked as normal.

What do you think?

Today would be a great day to share links about the Gilbert Arizona Temple Celebration online with your friends as well as links about the temple dedication...or this link!

I have to run off to church now, but I'll share more links to the celebration when I can find them...or if someone sends them to me!  Congratulations to our Gilbert AZ friends.

PS - Steve was born in Gilbert!


  1. Thanks for the links and I love the idea for the pancakes.
    Blessings to you!

  2. The dedication was wonderful! President Monson was welcoming to all in the cornerstone mortaring. The inside is truly beautiful!

  3. would love to see the's a photo essay of the outside in Meridian-LDS magazine

  4. The celebration was amazing. My husband and I still cant talk about it 4 days later without getting teary!

    1. Thanks for sharing! You are super cute! Loved all the photos and your family pic!