Thursday, January 3, 2013

Creating Beauty Is Its Own Reward

The last eight weeks has been a bit of a whirlwind for our family.

We had a baby.  Blessed our baby.  Celebrated Christmas.
Built an igloo.
Made arrangements to buy a new house.
Put our house on the market.  Sold our house.

Needless to say, we've also spent a lot of time cleaning and packing this Christmas too.

We've probably spent an equal amount of time thanking the Lord and being so, so amazed at the incredible blessings and changes that have come into our lives in a very short period of time.  The future looks so very different than it did this time last year...and we are all on cloud nine about the whole thing.  

Of course, I had to take a few days to mourn leaving this place that we have spent five years loving into it's current condition...We spent hours and hours of work (and play) loving it from a house into a home--a home that welcomes little children into it with open arms.  Yeah.  We did that!

We painted every wall, planted EVERY tree and/or bush, made every arrangement to make it comfortable for our little people.  Everything beautiful that was said or done in the walls of this home, we did.  Or our friend's did for us through kind acts of service and in sharing of the spirit as they gathered with us here.  

A home is such a special, sacred, personal thing, if we treat it as such, and that is why I was so happy when I found out that the person buying our home is a friend of mine!  (A friend who I really think is special and good, and a wonderful mother!)

This too was a blessing for me from the Lord himself...a tender mercy.  A blessing that made me feel that the Lord was giving our home to someone who would also love it and make beautiful memories here (with her husband and two young children who happen to be the exact same ages as my two youngest!)  I received a very sweet email from her saying as much!

The other night, I was commenting to Steve about all of the work that we've done to create a lovely, peaceful, private backyard (among other improvements.)  I half-way lamented about leaving behind the beautiful stone walkway that I laid the stones for myself just two summers ago...(not to mention with sweat-equity of my sister and brother-in-law who helped to haul all of the landscaping materials when they came to visit!)

And then Steve said something that sums up who we are as a couple.  He said that sometimes making something beautiful is its own reward.  We don't necessarily have to enjoy it ourselves, in order to enjoy it.  The act of creating beauty is its own reward.

So, with that, we will happily and joyfully turn over our house to a new family who will reap the benefits of our labors, and turn our minds and hearts toward creating a new home where our family will learn new lessons and experience brand new adventures together.  Let a new chapter begin!!


  1. I love this post, and I love Steve's comment...two things

    1. We just moved into a new house. It has been loved and cared for. It is such a blessing to move into a house with trees that are already mature and a home that has been well kept. I'm sure that those who moved into your old house are super grateful. :)

    2. Isn't it amazing - to be married to someone who is wise and helps us to feel comforted and see truth? I often feel that way with my own husband. I love that I can talk to him, and that though he can often sympathize with me, he can also see things I can't and helps me to be happier.

    Thanks for your posts and example...and have fun with your new home and baby! :)

    1. Thank you for sharing that! BTW....that top photo is at the new house. We will move in mid february! Yay for great husbands...who also build igloos!!!! Another fun thing...since we spent the year blogging about FHE, I now have a full year of posts documenting us in our old house! Perfect to keep memories alive! :) Inspired!!

  2. What beautiful sentiment. I love the igloo, what fun parents you are!

    1. Thanks, Debra! You look pretty fun yourself...I saw your profile and added you to my google plus circle! :)

  3. Amazing husband! Congratulations on your new house, new baby, and all of the exciting and new memories your sweet family will be making in your new home!

  4. Congrats on the new house and the new baby! She is beautiful.

  5. I loved your thoughts on this one. I can say that I know how you feel on this one. When we had to sale our home in Washington to move to Utah. I had such a hard time. We had put so much love into that home. I almost wanted to interview the perspective buyers to see if they would love this home like I did. It is still my favorite home with many memories; but the new one is now bringing to pass more awesome memories.
    Have a great move and New Year and blessings to you all!

    1. Thanks's never easy is it? But knowing by the spirit that we are moving in the right direction really helps!

  6. Just a quick note--when you link to your blog from your facebook page it tells the viewer that the content is inappropriate or something along those lines. I had to put the address in manually. Thank you for all you share even if it is more difficult than it should be:(

    1. Thank you...I am aware of the problem trying to fix it...doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. Facebook keeps blocking me. I need someone knowledgable to help

  7. congratulations and how fun to have a new place to make new memories-looks lovely!

  8. Love the igloo! What an amazing 8 weeks!~

  9. Love the igloo! What an amazing 8 weeks!~

  10. I wanted to share a sonnet with you that I wrote when I left our home in Southern California. It was really hard for me to pull up roots:

    The Legacy
    ©1994 by Susan Noyes Anderson, The Lyric

    Old house, you held a family in your womb.
    You stood upon the soil with warmth and grace,
    a sanctuary and a birthing place,
    nurturing life and love in every room.
    You watched the hearty agapantha bloom
    with every child, secure in your embrace,
    providing boundaries bathed in high-beamed space;
    your orange-blossomed peace a sweet heirloom.
    No last goodbyes will echo through our sleep;
    you ‘ll be no long-forgotten, empty shell.
    We mined our roots, but found the veins too deep;
    in leaving you, we left ourselves as well.
    Each broken, earth-bound fiber yours to keep.
    Each golden, lonely secret yours to tell.

    1. Now that is a wonderful work of poetry! Thank you!!