Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Two Glasses of V8


I called to talk with my Aunt Patsy this morning...She and "Uncle Johnny" are my mom's God-parents.  They are so wonderful but aging, and their health is deteriorating so it's becoming hard for them to get around.

Anyway, yesterday was their 63rd wedding anniversary.  I asked Patsy if she and Johnny had a special dinner in their apartment or anything.  She said no, but then told me this sweet little story.

They were getting ready for bed last night...following their regular bedtime routine, when Johnny slipped back into the kitchen.  Patsy thought he must've been hungry.  

Now, 63 years ago, Johnny and Patsy were married at 8:30 in the evening in a candlelight ceremony...very romantic.  

So around 8:15 or so, Johnny came out of the kitchen balancing two glasses of V8 juice on his walker for them to toast each other at 8:30pm!  Surprise!

This couple is a perfect example of how it's the little things in life that bring happiness.  I admire them so much...and if I had a V8 right now, I'd raise my glass to these two sweethearts.

On a day when much of the nation is remembering a sad anniversary, let's remember to honor the happy ones too...so there can be many more of them to come in our lives!!


  1. and this is why it's so easy for me to care for their needs. despite the past events, they are still together and are an example to all of us.

    1. Yes, and I neglected to say that there have been many sad events that they could be reliving in their lives...they haven't had it easy by any means...

  2. Just way sweet! I am going out today to visit my Aunt who turns 99 year next week. She brings so much joy to my life. I have been working on her life history and have learned so much. I loved the sweet moment with the V8 juinc.
    Blessings for the smile today!

  3. V8 is a very nice way to toast and anniversary. What a beautiful story.

  4. I very seldom ""comment" on blogs although I LOVE several including this one. I just wanted to tell you how much I admire you and the way you are raising your family. We have six, the first and last born 10 years apart to the day! - it was crazy at times but soooo worth it -- FHE, sports with 4 boys, eating vegetables and all the rest! They are now 6 fine adults raising families of their own - 19 grandchildren and 6 greats. Just keep on keepin on! Today, 9/11 is a :special remembrance day" for all of us -- we need to take time to be grateful for one another and all the blessings we enjoy! Thanks so much for lifting me up with your blog. [especially today - it has been a tough one] xo

  5. What a wonderful story and what great examples! Thanks for sharing the story!!

  6. That is so incredible. With marriages falling apart left and right its inspiring to see couples like this! And I love V8 too!

  7. What a sweet expression of love V8s all around! You come from a great legacy of love.

  8. that was very sweet of him. Is he the funny one who is always laughing and telling jokes?