Tuesday, September 4, 2012

One Last Hurrah

Does this girl look ready for preschool...or what?

Tomorrow is the big first day...so we are doing all of the fun things together that strike our fancy...by Autumn's request we are painting right now.  Which is why I've gotta make this quick.

For the record, it was the best weekend of the summer (for me anyway).  We spent 3.5 lovely days together in the temple, in DC, visiting the place where Steve and I first met and fell in love, seeing how things have changed and how they are the same.  It just felt good to be together, relaxed, following our own agenda...lovely, lovely weekend.

Our family home evening looked like this.

(Don't worry, I'm NOT on this ride!  But Guy, Steve, and Autumn are.)

Three of the local wards in our stake have an annual outing to a local family amusement park each Labor Day, so we joined in, of course, and had a blast!  It was a great way to wrap up the summer!  And the weather was cool and breezy, so I didn't suffer.

They got a little bit wet on this one.

Autumn eventually figured out that getting wet is something to laugh about.

Isn't it fun to share these first-time experiences with your family...particularly one fun Daddy?  I'm so thankful for families and for a church that really places the family and family time at the forefront.

I did get to ride a few rides...the ferris wheel, the boats, and the old-fashioned cars.  I have special memories of riding the old-fashioned cars with my grandpa at Cedar Point when I was too young--or too scared--to ride the roller coasters with the big kids.  It was fun to remember him yesterday and to let Autumn take the wheel just they way that he did for me way back when.

Time to let her take the wheel a little bit tomorrow too as I send her off to her first preschool experience.   I'm so excited for her, but I'll miss my little snuggle-buddy!!

PS - Before I forget:  I am looking for your stories/testimonies about the Family Proclamation to share later this month during the Family Proclamation Celebration: Celebrate Family.
If you have a story to share, please email me!!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I totally enjoyed reading and looking at the pictures of the last of summer fun. You have such a sweet family. I love that you were able to go to the places where you first met your hubby; way sweet!