Sunday, October 23, 2011

Three Years of Autumn Frost

Three years ago tomorrow we welcomed this little angel into our family.

We named her Autumn Frost, because we love autumn the season and we love Robert Frost.

To our surprise there was actually frost on the ground in the mornings the week leading up to her birth.  The same thing has happened each year before her birthday.

Autumn has been a great source of joy for all of us.

Always happy...she even smiled in the womb.

Although there was that one time on Santa's lap...

When she learned to walk, it was just about the happiest period of time in our home.
It was beautiful to watch Guy and Scarlett cheer her on...pure joy.

She goes on all of our adventures together...although up until recently, 
she's been the quiet one and not as photographed.

Her beloved Mousies go everywhere with her.

She loves her brother and sister sooo much!  And they love her.

She's my cuddler.

Autumn reminds me many times each day to slow down and enjoy the quiet moments.

She tells me with her beautiful blue eyes that there is more to life than being busy...
and that time together, loving one another, is never wasted.

Happy 3rd Birthday, Autumn Frost!


  1. Autumn Frost is such a pretty name. Hope she's had a great day!

  2. what a cutie, you have a great loving family full of energy and delight!

  3. Happy Birthday Sweet Autumn we are all blessed to know her!.
    I love sitting behind your family each Sunday and seeing all your cute kids.
    Have a great Day tomorrow

  4. What a great girl! This just made me smile.=)

  5. She is delightful. Happy birthday to her!


  6. What a beautiful little girl! And LOVE that name!!

  7. Happy birthday, Autumn! She is such a beautiful little girl. :)