Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blog Hop Winners...

Thanks to our sponsors for donating the prizes for our blog hop this week.  Below, I have listed the winners and three excellent posts by each of them that you should READ!

Here are the very lucky winners!
(chosen by

Stick of Joseph and Stick of Judah- BofM & Bible Bracelet With YW Colors

Custom Scripture Symbols Charm Bracelet 
from Sophie's Beads.

Winner: Lorene of I Am Just Lu

All Things Denote Bookmark Cross Stitch Pattern

"All things denote there is a God." cross-stitch pattern 
from Lazy Day Stitches.

WINNER: The Superwoman behind How to Be a Superwoman
Read her post:  Why Do You Believe?

LDS Scripture Cover and Tote

A $25 Gift Code for a scripture cover and matching tote of your choice
from  Cleverley Made.

WINNER:  Montserrat of Chocolate on My Cranium


And thanks to everyone who contributed their posts to the Blog Hop (all 104 of them!)


  1. Neat stuff! Congrats to all the winners...


  2. Hey, Sophie from Sophie's Beads is my sister-in-law! Small world, I love her jewelry! Congrats to the winners : )

  3. This was an awesome blog hop. I enjoyed reading many of the testimonies of the Book of Mormon.
    Blessings to you for your efforts in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

  4. I seriously must be the luckiest reader EVER! I mean, lucky even on top of knowing you :) Thanks for hosting such a great blog hop and just, you know, being amazing.