Monday, June 27, 2011

All Blankies Go to Heaven

I was beginning to think that Guy was way too mature about the loss of blankie, when out of the blue he asked me as I was tucking him in to bed last night, "Is there any way to get blankie back?  I mean, can't we just ask the person who threw it away what bag it's in and go get it?"  I explained again that blankie was in a dump somewhere and that it would be nearly impossible to find him.  Tears and sadness ensued.  I really had no comforting answer.  I mean, blankie is sitting under a heap of garbage, and I am powerless to bring him back.  I was all out of awesome mommy answers for the evening.  

Then I told Guy that one person knows exactly how he feels.  Guy responded, "Jesus?"  Yes.  And Heavenly Father.  In fact, Heavenly Father sent his only begotten son to earth, and people were not very nice to him. They hurt him and caused him to die.  And Heavenly Father saw it all.  This made him very sad, so I'm sure he knows how you feel about losing blankie.  

I also reminded Guy about the funeral that we went to about a week ago for our young friend Christian.  When the funeral ended, we all watched as his mother bent over her son's body and kissed him good-bye for the very last time.  I reminded him of that moment, and reminded him that other people feel sadness too.  Imagine how she felt, I said.  At least we still have each other, and that is something to be very happy about.  

Then we said a prayer...a prayer that God would take blankie to heaven so it didn't have to remain in that lonely old dump.  It was the only ending to this story that I could be satisfied with.  If God can move mountains, he can certainly look after the blankie of a little boy, right?  Hopefully, it is not sacrilegious to petition the Creator of the Universe for such a thing, but I believe in a God who cares about the feelings of a little boy.  And if Guy can believe that God cares enough to watch out for his blankie, then I can too.  We also prayed that we wouldn't be sad anymore, and that I could make a new blankie that we could all love...and make it fast!

Now I am feeling a little bit like that chick in Rumpelstiltskin...Guy has given me just 10 days to finish re-making blankie.  (At least he is willing to help!)  He says that I can stay up half of the night making it and sleep in half of the morning.  Sweet!  I've got my work cut out for me...


  1. well, first, it's not wrong to ask God to guard the blankie. But if I were you, I'd be hiking that dump. Ask the family what sort of bag it was in, ask the dump where they dumped last week's supply and start hunting. At least you could try and maybe the Lord would allow it to pop up. Silly I know....but that's how I feel

  2. And you knit too?! Such a cute story!

  3. Sounds like you've had some very good teaching moments here.


  4. AWwwww, you are such a WONDERFUL mommy! Very sweet, precious post. :)

  5. My heart is breaking for both of you! When each of my kids were born I made them a quilt. My almost 2 year old LOVES his and carries it everywhere. I can imagine exactly what you guys must be feeling. And I can also understand the feelings of anger. But it reminds me of an incident from a few months ago. My 5 year old son was playing on the playground and some older girls were being mean to him. To the point that he was crying. I, too, felt anger at these girls. But I was able to remember I was a Christian and teach him the same lesson you taught Guy. And I also reminded him that Jesus felt all his sorrows and that He could comfort him (my son).
    But it sure can be hard to quell mama bear, huh?