Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Is Easter About, Anyway?

A friend once told me that she thought Easter as a morbid holiday.  "Why would anyone want to commemorate someones death?"  she wondered aloud.  A fair question.

While Christ's suffering and death on the cross is a monumental component of the Atonement, His mission was not complete until He was Resurrected

Because He died for us, we can overcome spiritual death caused by our own wrong choices and sin.  Because He lives, we too will overcome physical death that comes to us by nature of our mortal existence.  Our celebration of Easter is not complete unless we acknowledge that while He did suffer and die for us, He also lives for us.

Tomorrow starts my 12 Days of Easter Countdown.  Please check back here each day through Easter to participate in a virtual countdown to Easter with daily scriptures from both the New Testament and The Book of Mormon to help us contemplate the Savior during this most holy season of the year!