Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Guardians of the Eternal Family

One good thing about my kids staying up unreasonably late is we were able to do a Come Follow Me/Book of Mormon study of Jacob 2:23-29.

We talked about why the Lord "delights in the chastity of women" and why the world would be cursed if all women stopped obeying God's commandments all together.

We had a wonderful discussion where we explored this question. Here are some of the notes taken or drawn by my children 

We talked about how women were referred to as Guardians of the Eternal family in General Conference. We thought about and talked about many things pertaining to our glorious calling as women. From the amazing experience of childbirth, to how having a baby changes women so much, to how being in the home allows us to protect and teach our children.

Val drew this picture of me with a shield in my hand protecting my children!

So I guess it's ok that they're not in bed yet...


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