Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Remember When It Was Warm Outside

Time passes so quickly.  I have been trying to be careful not to let moments to have fun with my children pass me by.  I am also *trying* to get more physically fit so I can keep up with my two little boys who are getting more and more active and capable by the minute.

The other week, we had 65+ degree weather for a few days in January!!  I dropped everything and took the boys outside to explore the woods near our home.  Coy (age 1) looked at me like, "Mom's letting me out of the house!"  He took off walking and didn't stop.

It was really fun because this was Coy and Val's first time exploring outside together in earnest.  Previously, in the Fall, Coy wasn't yet able to walk, so they couldn't really interact.  

They sure made the most of our day together!

...as did Honor!

And the next day we were back to regular winter temperatures!


  1. winter spring time is always a surprise each day...we had 60 degrees last week and now it's rain and cold winds...