Monday, July 30, 2018

"Mr. Rogers & Me"

I'm losing faith in the movies guys.

And I didn't have much faith to begin with.

I check EVERY movie we see and most books we read against online parent-based reviews on sites like, etc.  I like to know exactly what kind of language will be used and story lines, content, etc, so I can make an informed choice for myself and for my kids.

However, today, I took my children to see the new documentary about Mr. Rogers without even thinking about looking to see what was in it or what it was rated.

I had no idea it was rated PG-13 or that I'd be treated to multiple uses of the word "a**", a picture of a man's naked behind, the word "d***k" in reference to the behavior of a child, and the word "b****" in reference to a woman.  Just so many dark and inappropriate things.

As a Mom, who just wanted to expose my children to the great life of a humble man of God, I fell to the very same traps that Mr. Rogers spent his life trying to fight against...exposing children to inappropriate media.

I am so vigilant about what they see, so when stuff like this happens to pains much. It really makes my heart hurt for me and for them.

So I just needed to share this here, in a safe space with fellow Mom-friends who I think will just let me cry it out with them this evening. (If you saw this and liked it, fine.  I'm guessing you didn't see it with your little, tiny babies by your side.)

(Note to self: Just because the main speakers in sacrament meeting praise a movie and base their talks on said, this does not a good movie make....)

And I share this also to warn you...don't take your little children to see this movie.  Be smarter than I was today...and, instead, go watch the documentary "Mr. Rogers & Me" on Amazon.  It's much more inspiring and in line with what Mr. Rogers really stood for. 


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