Friday, September 30, 2016

Identifying Principles Taught in #LDSConf

Like many of you, I am doing some last-minute prep-work ahead of General Conference weekend.  I've got some food to cook and then I *really* want to get to bed early tonight, so I can enjoy Conference tomorrow.

I've done a few "doodle books" for my children over the years and shared them here, so I thought I'd share what we're doing this time as well.

I really do think it's true that the Lord helps us time-crunched Mothers out.  As I was running errands today, the thought came to me that during General Conference this time, I should ask my children to try to identify the principle being taught during each talk.  This is something we've been doing in our scripture study for a while now, so it only makes sense that we focus on that during Conference.

So I made our little doodle books up to go along with that theme.  Instead of trying to write down everything they hear, we are going to listen for and write down three things:

1. the principles being taught
2. the promptings we feel
3. our plans to apply that principle

Here is the format we will be using in doodle book form...nothing fancy, but it prints out neatly on 8 pages and makes for a no-fuss way to focus our minds on the most important things in the messages we look forward to hearing the weekend.  (We print them out and cut them in half, creating a little half-sheet booklet.) Have fun! (And see our General Conference Ideas Page for more helpful ideas for watching General Conference & studying it with children.)


  1. I love your idea. We are always talking about principles. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. This is such a great companion to General Conference. I think I will adopt it myself!