Thursday, August 20, 2015

a Call for All to share their love of Family & The Family Proclamation!

Hi there.

How are you dear readers doing?

We've had a most excellent summer together, my family and I.  I love having a slow-paced summer, not too much running around, and lots of time at home with my kids making special memories.  My family is why I do basically everything that I do.  I'd imagine the same is true for you.

As a result I've spent less time online/blogging this summer, but coming up next month it's time to celebrate something very near and dear to my heart -- THE FAMILY: A PROCLAMATION TO THE WORLD.

The celebration, which has been happening yearly since 2010, has brought a lot of great blog posts about family together in one place. (You can read them here on celebration creator Montserrat's page.)

I am looking for bloggers and women and men like you to write posts for the Family Proclamation celebration this year, which will take place between September 13th and 26th.  

Your post would be shared right here on my blog on one day of the celebration which marks 20 years since the announcement of this important document.  I know that many of you have enjoyed my posts here, but now I'm asking you to speak up and share some of your hard-earned wisdom with me and the rest of the world on the importance of family.

Please contact me at, if you'd like to write something pertaining to The Family Proclamation in the coming weeks.

Many thanks!


  1. I am super excited to be guest blogging for you, Jocelyn. Thanks for the opportunity!