Tuesday, December 16, 2014

a Christmas Song

I hope you guys are having a lovely Christmas, enjoying time with family, slowing down a bit to feel the love that God has for you.

Our family was asked to prepare a musical number for Sacrament meeting this coming Sunday.  We've never done anything like that, and we just found out about it, so I was playing through some songs and this one "Little Jesus" from the Children's Songbook is a favorite of mine, probably because it's so simple.

So here's me singing it with Honor on my lap trying to play it on the piano as well.  I'm not the best but it's my song and it's my imperfect gift for the Savior, that I am sharing with you.  Hopefully by Sunday (and with my children's voices) it'll be a bit more polished!

Enjoy and whatever you are doing today, do it with your heart!


  1. tried to see your song but only got the audio, no video...good luck with your performance gift!

  2. What a beautiful gift for your family to be able to share together!

  3. Hey. I saw you posted on the book of christ all about Jesus birth and it was the free printable one on the blog sew alot or something. I cannot get it to work. Do you still have all the downloads to make that book? I know it's days before christmas, but if you have a few minutes can you email it to me please. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. My email is cassiejohnson08@yahoo.com

    1. Not sure what you're referring to. Sure it was me? ?

  4. Just really sweet and I am sure it will be lovely on Sunday! I love that precious song too.
    Blessings and hugs for this one!