Monday, May 12, 2014

Letters from a Bad Bad Bad Mommy

Welllll, yesterday was a big day.

Because THIS GIRL joined the Nursery as an 18 month old for the first time!

She did great, as expected.  Didn't cry one bit, but did protest when the Nursery leaders lathered her hands in purple paint to make a Mother's Day gift!  

Besides that, oh yeah, it was Mother's Day, and it was an awesome day!

My husband and kids gave me a rowdy breakfast in bed, and made it a fun, relaxing day that wrapped up a really fun weekend together.

I loved seeing all of the tributes to Mothers and Motherhood all over Facebook over the weekend, something that I just have to attribute to the #ItWasMom campaign that the church did.  Those things are contagious, you know.  Facebook hasn't looked that lovely in a long time!

Also, kudos to our Bishop for giving out chocolates on Sunday to all of the Mothers! (And kudos to his wife for putting a bug in his ear to do so!)  I like flowers....but....chocolate vs. flowers....yeah, I'll take chocolate.

There's been a lot going on around here, and not a ton of time to tell you about it all, lots of projects half-baked and in the works, but maybe I will sneak in a few quick posts this week to share what I've been up to.

Before I go, I'll just share one quick Mother's Day-related item.

This little gem floated down from the loft on Saturday night...the night before Mother's Day.  It says, "I don't like you, Bad Bad Bad Momy."  

When I saw it, I thought, "Oh, great, thanks a lot!"  And then I just had to laugh at the irony of it (being the night before Mother's Day and all) until I was having myself a pretty healthy chuckle...and because the message was so the opposite of how I know this person really feels. 

Five minutes later, after not much fuss from me, the writer of the note was snuggled up next to me wanting to be reassured that I still loved her, despite what she wrote. Children are such delicate, complicated little flowers, which is why my catch phrase is "I love you forever no matter what." Motherhood is pretty nuts sometimes, but I love that because of the connection we share, I knew what she really wanted to say was I'm tired and overwhelmed, and I need someone who loves me to help me right now...everybody needs someone who will do that for them. My Mom did it for me, and I am so thankful for that. #itwasmom

 That last bit was what I wrote on FB that night.  After we sorted it all out, I said to the person who wrote it...Hey, why'd you have to go and waste a perfectly good report card on this note?  I'll tell you what, I'll give you your own notepad to use next time you want to write a mean note to Mama, ok?"...(she smiled at the thought)..."By the way, don't write any more mean notes to Mama!!!"


  1. how funny, while visiting my son Daniel this past weekend-one of their young sons says I hate you to his mom and what he was really saying was I'm tired and overwhelmed-it's not easy being a parent!! lol!

  2. The note made me giggle. I too have been a recipient of such notes... Usually after tv priveledges are taken away.

  3. What a cute post about your day. I loved the note and it is so like little ones to do something like this. They do need to just snuggle up with Mommy and it is OK.
    Blessings for this one; it was sweet!