Friday, August 16, 2013

End of Summer T-shirts

Just dropping in to share an idea with you!

We've had a wonderful summer, but with just days standing between us and the start of school, I wanted to think of a way to commemorate all of the fun times we've had together as a family this summer.

Enter our "End of Summer T-shirts!"

We ran to Walmart today and picked up tshirts and fabric markers, sat down at a picnic table at the park and started drawing.  We wrote down all of the fun things we did on our tees.  The kids loved them and by the end of our little project they were convinced that this was "the best summer ever."

Notice, I did not write down "kids stopped doing their chores halfway through the summer" or "mom yelled too much!"  Remember, "History will be kind to me, for I will write it!" (ha ha, but seriously, accentuate the positive!)

Now is the time to lock in Summer 2013 as the best summer yet...Identify ALL of the good things your kids have done or learned this summer--they deserve to be celebrated!!!)

And in the next four days, we're going to also do as many fun little things together as we possibly can.

And these t-shirts will hopefully keep our happy summer feelings ALIVE...well into Fall! :)




  1. I love this idea.

    We filled out a calendar-time line with everything we did. There were only a few days of sitting around relaxing, watching TV and playing video games.

    ... and like you... nowhere on that calendar was there "fought with my sibling" - "mom screamed at us" - "ignored journaling and xtramath the last three weeks!"

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  3. What an adorable Idea; I think I will share this one.

  4. what a fun creative positive idea!