Thursday, May 23, 2013

I've got so much faith in you.

The best part of Motherhood for me is being able to surprise my children.  I mean really do something that they just don't expect me to do and at the most unexpected times.

I got to join Guy for the presentation of his animal project at school this week, and it was like 95 degrees out (or more).  We were to bring a picnic lunch to eat with our children outside before going in to see the projects.

Well, Guy had a (pretty lame, in my opinion) lunch packed...water, an apple, a pb&j sandwich, hastily thrown together.  The usual.  And as I was running out the door (late) to drop the other two kids off at a friend's house and then to get to school, I realized how hot it was, so I ran back inside to grab myself an ice water and OOPS, somehow a half gallon of ice cream slipped into my bag...with a box of extra disposable spoons.

From what I could tell, the other parents brought wonderfully prepared lunches, etc, but I doubt anyone there that day could have been quite as happy as Guy and I were eating our half-gallon of french vanilla...except maybe these guys who we shared our secret stash with!

Sitting in the shade of my umbrella chair, eating ice cream with Guy and talking about what he'd like to do this summer will forever be one of my favorite memories.  Having him all to myself for a little be able to tell him, "I've got so much faith in you," was just priceless.