Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stained-glass Stable Craft

Just in case you were wondering...our baby is still super cute.

At one month old, she is so smiley and growing like crazy!

She's the spitting image of all of my other babies...especially Scarlett.

To accompany our reading of "This is the Stable", we made "stained-glass" stables this morning (seen here) using clear contact paper, black card stock, and tissue paper.

I was sure to select VERY easy crafts this year...and this one couldn't be easier!

You can buy little squares of tissue paper at craft stores for pretty cheap and makes this craft very kid-friendly.  Looks pretty great in a window, don't they?

I realize that I haven't actually posted our Christmas book list yet this year, but I promise I will do that soon.  I have a few new books to tell you about!


  1. with a new baby and 3 lively little ones-you have your hands full!

  2. Love the craft idea! Did you free hand the nativity of did you use a template?

  3. Totally cute! The baby AND the craft.


  4. Did you use elmers glue watered down or modge podge to adhere the tissue paper?
    Fun craft!

    1. Neither....two sheets of contact paper stuck together. Does that make sense?

  5. She's gorgeous, and the stables turned out super cute too!

  6. Oh that sweet baby is precious. I always love the crafts you do with your children. The pictures are just sweet.
    Blessings and keep on enjoying the moments of Christmas!