Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bike Rally FHE

For three years now, we've had a "bike rally" at our house during the first week of school.

You see, we've got a Dad in our family who is an extremely talented and dedicated bike racer.  He used to race mountain bikes as a kid, and now he races road bikes in his free time.

Here he is this past Saturday, winning first place in his age-group in a local race.  

We're really proud of him.

Steve likes to encourage the kids to ride bikes...a lot.  At the end of the summer, Steve realized Scarlett would do better learning on a bike with smaller tires, so he found a bike that was being thrown away and rescued it for her.  (He can fix up old bikes in a cinch.)  

In less than a week, Scarlett was riding without training wheels...and proud of it!

It's fun to see a father passing on an activity that he is passionate about to his children!

The bike rally is a fun way that Steve helps the kids to show off how much they've improved their bike-riding skills over the summer.

He usually starts off with a lesson in bike safety...Then he runs the kids through bike races, agility exercises, and obstacle courses.  

Last night's bike rally was more low-key than it's been the last three years because some of our neighborhood friends weren't around, but it was still a lot of fun.

Do you or another member of your family have an area of expertise or a special talent that your kids and family could celebrate, learn from, or enjoy together?

It might make for a fun family night!

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  1. Living Waters By LeAnnWednesday, August 29, 2012

    What a delightful post; I loved the pictures and the wonderful activity with the bikes. The children are so adorable on the bikes.

  2. fun activity, still can't post my own comment...lol!