Monday, October 11, 2010

I Stand All Amazed

I love my job.

Have I mentioned that before?

Each day of Motherhood is a mix of the mind-numbingly monotonous, the dizzyingly divine, and the completely unpredictable.

Take last Wednesday, for example.  One moment, I was changing a diaper and running donations over to the Goodwill, and the next I was discovering one of the oldest and most complete dinosaurs ever unearthed, with my kids.

Right now I am *supposed* to be making my house look semi-clean before my in-laws arrive, and I'll need to keep my kids happy and get a nice dinner made some time in the next three hours...all while holding a nearly two-year-old to keep her from crying/screaming.  I have had many a high-stress job in my lifetime.  I sort of thrive on that kind of pressure. But the job of Motherhood is by far the most demanding and tries my skills day in and day out.

I will be turning 33 years old on Friday.  And I have been a Mother for nearly five years.  I've earned my fair share of wrinkles and extra pounds during the time, and the Lord has taught me a LOT...but I am happy to report, that I really enjoy my career as a Mother, and there are still things in life (like old dinosaur bones) that amaze me and fill my mind with wonder.  

I hope it stays that way for a long, long time.

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  1. Amen.

    Hey Jocelyn, did you know we are the same age?! I agree though, the wrinkles, the belly, the thighs (not saying you have these...) the strech marks...all badges of honor. I wouldn't trade my little men for my old body back at anytime. What a blessing being a mother has been to me. (although in two years I will have a teenager so that may change! :D)

  2. Thanks for reminder, this job IS the BEST.
    I love it too.

    Speaking of love, I LOVE YOU!

    Excited for your post!

  3. the reward is watching your little ones parent your grandkids and not having to mother the grandchildren!!!

  4. I can't believe it's already been 5 years since you had Guy! Time flies when you're busy being a mom. :)

  5. Serene's right. You ARE a very cute mom. And, I would think, a very good one.


  6. With teens in the house, sometimes I need reminders at what a great job I have...