Sunday, October 4, 2009

Something For Everyone

Let me introduce you to...Russell M. Nelson, an apostle of the Lord, Jesus Christ, as drawn by my 3-year old son during today's session of General Conference. He looks so Muppetish, I love it!

We have really enjoyed listening to/watching General Conference this weekend in our home. The kids have been really well-behaved and attentive during the hours of meetings. And it only took a bag of M&Ms, a bag of Twizzlers, a bag of Dum-dums, a few packs of stickers, a bowl full of crayons, a notebook of paper, and a table full of blocks to keep them happy!

I really loved President Monson's recounting of how hundreds of children in the church did service for others as a birthday present to our beloved prophet. They filled a bowl with "warm-fuzzies" for each good deed and mailed it to him--priceless. Children are certainly prized in the church and by the leaders, and that was evident to me this weekend.

The Lord loves children. And children love the Lord.

Children are so sensitive to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and so quick to follow those promptings. Although the sugar certainly sweetened the deal, I believe that it was the Spirit that touched my children this weekend, making it a sweet experience for all of us.


  1. One of the most beautiful things I've enjoyed when I went to the ward to watch conference was when the children drew pictures of what their little minds visualized as the Elders spoke. I have always had that photographoc image in my mind and after seeing what your baby has drawn, those memories flash again before my eyes. Thank you for that photo, it is inspiring. I also posted an inspired post on temples on my family blog:

    When Dawn was here caring for Susan I baked these coconut chocolate cookies which I named them Grandpa's Chocolate Coconut Whiskers in Grandpa
    s memorial gray mustache. I posted them on my vegan blog:

    So if you have a moment check all 3 blogs I have posted lots of photos on them. Love you.

  2. The Sunday before general conference our Sunday School Teacher had asked us to prepare ourselves[that is spiritually]for the conference and ask the Lord one thing that we would like Him to answer...I had mine written in my journal and while listening to Elder Robert D. Hales' talk--I felt an outpouring of love from the Lord as He answers my request.

  3. And oh i'm sure Elder Russel M. Nelson would be thrilled to see a drawing of him by a cute, little child!!