Sunday, July 5, 2009

Freedom to Have Fun!

If there are two things that I love most in this life it's 1) good people and 2) good traditions. I have been blessed to be surrounded by both for just about all of my life.

This weekend, we continued a tradition that my parents started over 30 years ago. Steve and I held our 2nd annual neighborhood 4th of July Parade and flag ceremony, complete with the singing of The Star-Spangled Banner and playing of Taps. We were joined by over 125 neighbors and friends. The children were adorable all decked out in patriotic fashion. Steve closed the
gathering with a prayer.

My neighbor Theresa put together a neat video of the parade...(to see it scroll down). Thanks to everyone who made the day special and memorable!


  1. How fun! Tradition helps us remember. If we don't we remember, we lose sight of the good around us.

  2. Beautiful picture...I LOVE Steve's kooky hat! You get the hat of the year award from Millie! Love ya!

  3. Fantastic! Thanks for the link.

    The Damsel in Dis Dress