Friday, May 1, 2009

YOU are the Champion, My Friend!

YOU are the Champion, MY Friend!

Congratulations to Cherry, the winner of my General Conference challenge on Facebook.

Cherry brought the words of the prophets to life by creating this poster and displaying it for all of her co-workers to enjoy.  She also gave a wonderful talk about this in her home ward.  You can read it on her blog.  Way to Go, Cherry!

(Send me your address so I can send you your prize.)  Thanks for playing!


  1. good for her, I completely forgot about your challenge as we had company and then went on vacation. oh well.

  2. hey my good friend! thanks but really you don't have to send me any reward, i'm serious when i said that the reward is the joy of sharing your belief and testimony PLUS the gift of friendship, it's more than anything else! love you always my dear, loyal friend!!