Friday, April 17, 2009

Find Me on Facebook and PLAY ALONG...

Dear Loyal Friend (tee hee) - I am inviting you to participate in a little fun, good times, online, but also in real life, easy-yet-creative-as-you-wish-experiment via My Facebook page.

Does that just say it all, or what? What...Ok, here are the deets - 

1. Choose an inspirational phrase from the recent General Conference. (I chose "The future is as bright as your faith.")

2. Bring your quote to life in some way. (I am sewing a quilted wall-hanging, but you will probably do something way better and cooler like creating an awesome chalk drawing in a public place somewhere incorporating the words from the prophets...or create a video...or simply take a cool picture, or stamp a card...or create bumper stickers...or draw on the windows of your friend's car...or convince your Seminary class to spell the words out using their bodies for letters...or write the words on the check you sign at a get the idea...Just do what you DO.) 

3. Take a picture of what you have made/displayed and include details and a link to the Gen Conf talk online in the caption. A brief personal testimony scores extra "points"! :)

4. Either tag me in the picture or POST the picture to my profile so that my FRIENDS all have access to YOUR AWESOMENESS.

5. The TOP THREE entries will receive a totally desirable prize and a sense of satisfaction...and bragging rights, if you're into that kind of thing. :) Perhaps there will be more prizes depending on the participation.

THE EXPERIMENT ends in two weeks. I will judge the results and choose the winners in a completely unscientific, yet pretty unbiased way and announce the top picks on FRIDAY, MAY 1ST.

Thanks in advance for playing...and I hope you have a total blast with this!! 

Your Friend on Facebook...and in REAL LIFE! - Jocelyn Christensen

You are welcome to invite your other LDS friends to participate!


  1. I'll play next week, dan, tina and 4 of my grandkids are arriving momentarily and I'm getting ready.