Saturday, August 9, 2008

Doing My Dream Job

Women in our church are given many opportunities to serve and lead. We are encouraged to get an education and to follow our dreams. As I have pursued my goals in life, I have benefited from the wisdom of inspired church leaders. I felt particularly empowered by an address delivered last fall to the women of the church, called Mothers Who Know. In the talk, Julie B. Beck, the president of our women's organization offered many pearls of wisdom. Her main message was that there is "eternal influence and power in motherhood."

I agree with her statement about Mothers. The role that parents play has much more importance than any other job we can do in this life. When we were ready to jump into parenthood, my husband and I chose to do everything we could to make sure that I could stay home with our babies. I often say that being a stay-at-home Mom is the most challenging job that I have ever had...but it's worth it, and I have grown as a person because of it.

In 2007, I was asked to write an article for a local magazine about my experience leaving a career in television to become a stay-home mother. You can read the article below. (Note: If you click on the image of my article it will take you to the original posting. Click on that second image and it should be magnified and easier to read!)


  1. what a lovely tribute to your mom and your own decision to emulate her. your children are the winners. I stuggled throughout my life with having to work as a single parent and found school teaching offered the best combination or vacation and work days to be with my family and at the same school. but i always took advantage of the opportunity to be at home full time when i could. good for you!

  2. "whatever we are doing..we will always stop and prioritize our children."

    Motherhood is one of my favorite topics...i could go on and on talking about my daughters, the journey i have with my truly is priceless....the most beautiful and important legacy a woman will ever leave to her posterity...

    Thanks for posting again in spite of your busy and demanding schedule...i appreciate it a lot.

  3. Jocelyn,
    I loved this post. You expressed yourself very well and your words help even me to reconsider my job as a stay home mom and re-prioritize what I do with my time.
    Your family all looks very happy.

  4. This is a great entry. I love(d) that article.

  5. Wow. *tear* That deication to family truly must be the best and greastest thing you can give them. I remember your dad, Bishop Hatch, tell the youth of our ward how you got your job at CNN. I thought that was so cool. But to give it all up for your family, well that is even more awsome. I often wonder why more mothers can't be stay-at-home moms. Their children would greatly benefit from it. In fact I'm greatful to my grandmother for always being there, at home. It gave her a greater chance to bring me up the right way. I commend you for your chose in staying home. I'm sure that Guy and Scarlet will both apprechiate, as do you.

  6. Here from W.W.

    What a wonderful testiment to motherhood. Thanks for sharing.

    (I also cited Sister Beck, what an amazing lady)

  7. Great article Jocelyn!

    I've really enjoyed looking through your 30 days posts. I'll e-mail you later about an idea running through my head about a major Family Proclamation blog party for September. :D

  8. I just stumbled on your blog-- and I really enjoyed that article. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I absolutely LOVE THIS! I never got to do the career type things that you did, and that was hard for me.

    Why didn't I? What did I do instead? I met and married my husband at the age of 18. I went to college part time off and on while raising kids, but had to move away from the university I attended when my husband finished college and got a job elsewhere... (by the way, we had 4 kids by then). I planned to go back to school and finish my degree when the youngest entered school full time; but since I ended up having kids who really needed the one on one training... I ended up homeschooling them instead, as well as helping my husband with his business (mostly from an office in a corner of our bedroom).

    Needless to say, a career has been out for me. I would love the fun... I would love the money... but I could never begin to love a career like I love my family. I LOVE being a mom!

    But sometimes, there is a part of me that gets this unrealistic fantasy of the impossible and wants BOTH. I know that being a mom is THE BEST JOB EVER (even though it is the hardest), and I'm glad I made this choice. But now, while my husband is struggling to make ends meet financially... it is great to be reminded that the sacrifice is SO WORTH IT... and though I am missing something by staying home - I would be missing so much more if I wasn't home!! THANKS a million for the solid reminder from someone who obviously knows!!! :D Your example is so valued.

    Thanks again. :D I hope you are enjoying motherhood immensely! ;D

  10. I love it! I'm a new follower, love your blog!!!

  11. Thank you so much for this post! It has been a struggle these past few days with the kiddos. It is nice to be reminded of those things that are most important, BEING A MOM! I love it when my kids say, "mom, i love you." It makes my heart melt. I am a part time photographer, mostly a hobby photographer who thinks about going big, but I would miss out so much on my family and their experiences. Maybe someday but for now, I am a mom and I love it! Thanks so much for your insight.

  12. Very cool. Thanks for sharing your story. What I want to know is, what things do you think influenced you to want to be a mom in the first place? My goal is to make sure my daughters learn those things because I had a hard time with even wanting to do the mom thing in the first place! Emily -

  13. This touched me in so many different ways! I graduated in May with a degree in journalism, and I married my best friend in the temple last June. I have always wanted to be a mother, but with a husband still in school and a fresh degree in my hands, I have definitely had dreams of grandeur as of late. I haven't found a job yet, and I've felt very lost in trying to understand what the Lord wants me to do with my talents. It wasn't until recently that I realized that maybe everything in my life up to this point wasn't to write the best stories, but to begin my journey trying to be the best mother I can be. I still don't know what my future holds, but it's wonderful to be reminded that no sacrifice is too great for the family. Thank you. :)

  14. You are incredible. Just flat out incredible!