Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where DO Babies Come From?

We are in the process of bringing our third child into the world (as you can see from this ultrasound photo taken today), and it's safe to say that we have a pretty good answer to the question "Where do babies come from?"

But thanks to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we have an even more in-depth answer to that question as well.

We believe that we were all created spiritually by God the Father long before we were conceived physically by our parents here on earth.

We believe that we lived with and learned from heavenly parents before coming to earth. One of our main purposes for entering this mortal existence was to gain a body, which helps us to experience and learn things that we simply could not understand without one--things like pain, hunger, fatigue, exhilaration, and empathy for others who experience these same feelings.

Although, we do not remember our pre-earth existence, we still carry with us characteristics that we developed in those early days of being. Just look at the picture above: mouth open, tongue out, and the look of a laugh on this baby's face illustrates well the concept that we come to earth with our own personality traits and dispositions. Clearly, this baby has a cheery one!

We also believe that gender is part of each person's eternal identity, not something that just happens at conception. But as with the last two babies, we chose not to find out the baby's gender during the ultrasound. You'll have to wait, along with us, until November to find out if we will be welcoming another boy or another girl into our family!

A Guide to the Ultrasound Picture (above) -- If you can't tell, the baby's right arm is covering his/her right eye (left side of photo). The nose is in the middle of the photo and the mouth--slightly open with tongue showing--is in the lower left section of the pic above.

Ultrasound Picture (below) -- This is a profile shot. Baby's head is on the right side of the picture. The baby is facing the top of the photo, so you should be able to make out the nose, mouth, and chin.

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  1. incredible photos-thanks for sharing and also your comments on where we come from. i had an ultra sound with my last baby and after 3 sons they told me it was a girl but somehow i didn't feel that was correct so when he was born i wasn't disappointed...

  2. Jocelyn and Steve,

    I thought you looked like the third was on the way in the 4th parade. How cool to keep going on that family tradition.
    Best wishes in the coming months as you prepare for numero tres. How lucky that baby will be to have you two for parents just as your first two are. They look so-o-o happy.

  3. I think "baby email" looks like a sweet little girl, with Guy's ecstatic smile!